Third Wheel


We’ve all been the third wheel before. It happens more so as we get older. We get to spend less time with our friends as everyone is engaged, married, or in a serious relationship. If you so happen to be the third wheel, don’t let it get you down! Instead follow these 5 simple tips and you will be well on your way to be the coolest third wheel date around!

1. Offer to buy the couple you are with one round of drinks. Nothing makes you cooler than offering to buy a drink for the couple you are with. Buying drinks signifies that you have your sh**t together,

2. Don’t talk about how much you miss your Significant Other (SO), or how lonely you are being single. It’s depressing, and doesn’t add to the good mood of the group.

3. Don’t dwell on the fact that you are the third wheel, just enjoy being with your friends.

4. Do be the life of the party. Bring up interesting topics, ask the couple how they are doing, engage everyone around you. There is nothing better than having your best friend’s SO like you also.

5. Talk to everyone. Often times as the third wheel, we are on a date because a friend has asked us to hang out with them and their SO, make sure you make a genuine effort to talk to your friend’s bf or gf.

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