I’m Not Posting My Engagement Photos to Facebook

First off, I’m not engaged yet, but someday when I am I will not be posting any engagements photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Call me crazy, but I believe an engagement is a very private thing. It’s meant to be shared between two people. I’m not here to criticize the couples who do announce their engagements using social media.

However, I do think there is a problem when people run to Facebook to post pictures of their rings before calling friends and family members. I believe that we no longer value privacy as much as we should.

I have no desire to share my engagement with my 1,000 friends on Facebook. When in reality about 10 or 15 of those people actually care that I got engaged in the first place.

It also seems that when engagement pictures are posted, people begin to focus on the ring, instead of the actual engagement. Questions are asked about where the ring is from, what carat the ring is etc.

To me, an engagement is a very private beautiful moment I only want to share with my closest friends and family

I’m not here to say that posting engagement photos on social media is a bad thing. Just remember to enjoy the moment and include those who are closest to you by more than sharing a Facebook photo or status.



2 thoughts on “I’m Not Posting My Engagement Photos to Facebook

  1. I mostly agree. I think there is a way to embrace the new technology and new way in which we socialize and interact but also keep to tradition and show respect to those we value most. I do believe that people should contact those closest to them prior to posting anything online. Mom, Dad, siblings and close friends shouldn’t hear about it first via Facebook or Twitter. At the same time, once you’ve told those closest to you, sharing it on Facebook is an efficient way to tell others, and a way to allow others to share in your excitement. Of course, there are tasteful ways to do it. I am always bothered when a girl posts a bunch of photos of her ring, and no mention of her fiancee or living her fiancee.

    1. Well put couldn’t agree more! I have no prob with people posting pics I just think we need to tell friends and family first before they see it on Facebook. 🙂

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