Single? Read these 4 steps to landing your next boyfriend.

Courtship in your twenties is an interesting time for men and women alike; for the majority of us, it is a time of maturity that moves us past the flings and fleeting passions of our teenage and young adult years and thrusts us into a frame of mind that thinks about a relationship as not just an amalgam of cute nights out and hot nights in but the development of a partnership. We have to consider the social, economical, and, of course, emotional impacts of the guy or gal we’ve chosen at every turn; some would-be relationships only last a day or two before we decide not to waste our time investing in a sure failure.

The average guy is honestly a sex and attention craved idiot until he finally hits the twenty-somethings; and truthfully, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s a phase we all go through, an unrelenting attraction to a thousand people that often comes as our young hormones are still learning to balance themselves out. Once past that, we’re looking past golden locks and bodacious bods (although I’m sure one or the other won’t hurt in most cases) for some things that are ultimately a little more important. They may be silly or a little cliche, but here a few that I’m sure most guys will agree with.

Share interests. You’ll never find someone who likes all the same music, movies, games, and so on; that being said, there’s nothing that shows appreciation like learning to love something that your would-be significant other does. Learn to play his video games, or watch a game with him every so often without being begged or forced – it means the world.

Don’t share interests. At the same time, there are some things that we really just need as a way to escape; music, football, video games, the gym, whatever. It’s sort of a delicate balance, but there are some things a guy just needs for himself. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you, or doesn’t want you around – we’re all human, and sometimes we just need to unwind on our own.

Golden locks and bodacious bods. Obviously, the root of all attraction is skin deep; what initially brings us together is whatever or whoever our eyes and libido lead us to. Without resorting to using that diabolical term “standards,” every individual’s definition of beauty is different – but generally, taking care of yourself is important. The cliché about the confident woman holds true – you tend to shine when you’re not sulking.

Have a plan. When we reach the throes of adulthood and have yet to find a suitor, a future together is important. An impressive resume isn’t necessary, but the forward-thinking man would at least like to know where you’d like to be.
Feed our pride. The human male is the world’s most jealous creature; even if your best friend is a guy you’ve known since childhood, it’s really not something we usually want to hear. Not saying it’s not okay to have those buddies – just ease us in, because every guy has that built-in alpha male instinct that’s just oh-so frustrating.

It’s entirely possible (and even likely) to meet, connect with, love, and leave several dozen different people – girls met at bars, or parties, or online – and that’s really the fun of it. The point of dating is to try your hand at different potential suitors; it’s entirely okay to try and try again.

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