Letter To My Future Daughter


So, this letter is to my future 16 yr. old daughter. Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering what I will do with this letter if I am blessed with only boys. (I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.) Guess I’ll have to write another letter to my future 16 yr. old boy.

Dear ________, (I don’t know her name yet.)

I want to start this letter off by telling you I love you. At this point in my life, I haven’t met you yet. I have no idea what type of person you will be.

But, I just turned 25 a few days ago, and while that isn’t old, it got me to thinking about my future. I love being 25, I feel so young and yet so old at the same time. I wanted to share with you all the life lessons I have learned thus far.

I know that someday down the road, I can just share them with you in person, but life has a funny way of changing people. So, I wanted to introduce you to the person I am RIGHT now. I wish I could go back in time and see what my baba and mom were like at my age.

With that said, I guess I should tell you about my life right now. We can start with this blog. I write about twenty-something relationships. Dating relationships and friendships can be hard to navigate in your teens and twenties. I try and sort through the confusion through writing.

I am obsessed with a few things: meeting people and exploring new places, running, dressing up, high heels, and helping people in any way I can.

Thus far life has taught me two important things: keep trying, and stay positive. Life is going to throw all kinds of things at you. That’s ok. Keep your head up and move forward. I have a million things I want you to know at 16, but to keep things simple, just follow the list below:

1. Work to find your passion. You are never too young to find out what makes you feel alive.

2. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT BOYS. Have fun with your girlfriends, join a sport, do what makes you happy, the boys will come-trust me.

3. Don’t have sex. You are far too young to start worrying about sexually transmitted diseases, babies, and all the complications that come with having sex at your age. But, if you do have sex, please come to me so we can talk about it.

4. DANCE LIKE CRAZY. I forgot to add this to the list of things I love to do. I feel cliche saying this, but seriously dance like no one is watching. I did when I was your age, and hell I still do.

5. Be a good friend. Drama is going to happen at your age, that’s ok. Do your best to stay away from it. Just be a good friend, try and not gossip, be there for your friends and you will still have some of the friends you make right now.

6. Find your style. I experimented with all kinds of clothes when I was 16. Some of them were super cute, and some of them were ridiculous. Where whatever you want (within reason). I also give you permission to remind me of this letter when we are in a screaming fight over your clothes someday.

7. Discover God. Whatever this looks like for you. I have a relationship with Jesus, that I am still working out. But, ultimately you have to figure out what you believe and why. Remember, I am always here to talk about it.


The Coolest Mom in the World

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