Warning: Start Dating Someone New and Your Ex Will Appear

Picture this: Your on a date with your new significant other (SO), everything is going great. Conversation is flowing and you couldn’t be happier.

A few hours into the date, your phone vibrates and you look down to check it. Your ex randomly decided to text you. Immediately thoughts start to flood your mind.

“WTH? Why is he/she randomly texting me now?” “And the timing couldn’t be worse, I’m finally over you, out with someone new, and your contacting me.”

It’s almost as if the universe has some strange way of playing tricks on you. When your single, your completely single and no one is interested. When you finally get over your ex and find someone new they seem to pop out of nowhere.

Now, in this situation you have a few options. You can respond to the text, you can ignore it, or you can tell your ex to suck a d**k. (I wouldn’t suggest the last one, in any circumstance, but you get the idea.)

The way you respond depends completely on the situation you are in. Read the situations below to figure out which category you fall into and follow my advice exactly, unless you want complete drama in your life.

Happily Committed:
If you have been dating your SO for a few months now and are in a happy relationship, DON’T ROCK THE BOAT, LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE. In this instance, I would say to ignore the text, or tell him/her you are in a relationship and can no longer stay in contact with them.

If you are currently single, and dating casually, I don’t see any harm in talking to an ex. Sometimes, a break up is necessary to get back together. If you didn’t break up because of something serious like cheating or abuse, it might not hurt to talk to your ex again.

Sad Puppy:
If you broke up less than a month ago and are still grieving, I wouldn’t respond. It’s really important to give yourself the time to get over the breakup. Your mind and heart are all over the place immediately after a break-up. Take some time to move on before you go back.

If your SO abused you emotionally, physically, or verbally. Don’t ever go back. Just don’t.

Has your ex ever contacted you when you starting dating someone new?

2 thoughts on “Warning: Start Dating Someone New and Your Ex Will Appear

  1. Christina you are a good writer keep up the good work. That is all I wanted to say. A little encouragement for you today. Hope you keep it up and follow your dreams.

    Benjamin Hadde

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