Open Letter to My Future Employees

It’s no secret that I cannot wait to have my own staff some day, or be a chief or director of a department. In the short 2 years I’ve been working in a professional setting, I’ve seen and learned a lot about employees.

My observations taught me exactly what kind of employee I want to be, and further more I realized what kind of staff I want someday.

Listed below are just a few of things it would take for me to hire you:

1. Good attitude-This sounds so cliche but, I’ve come across so many people with terrible attitudes about work and life in general. Believe it or not, your attitude actually impacts everyone around you. And being that we spend most of our time at work, I want to be surrounded by positive people.

2. Work Ethic-I love to work, and I enjoy working hard. It amazes me the amount of people who show up late, take two hours lunches and spend their mornings talking for hours about what they did on the weekend. You weren’t hired to socialize.

3. Quality of Work- It’s so easy sometimes to half-ass a job, especially if your boss doesn’t micro manage you. DON’T DO IT. Your work and the quality is a direct reflection of what you stand for and who you are as person. Do shitty work, I’m about to make some assumptions.

4. Dress the Part- I wear high heels, dresses and skirts every day to work. I realize that not everyone has to dress up for work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the effort into looking nice everyday.

5. Lack of Interest-– Look, I get it, if you are reading this you are probably a millennial. You might be stuck in a job, totally different than what you want to be doing. You may not even be interested in that job. Doesn’t matter, don’t act like you don’t care. You never know who is watching you. Don’t sit in company meetings and stay silent. Speak up, be engaged, ask questions.

6. Lack of Initiative- I’ve heard people over and over again say the following phrase about work, “Well no one showed me, or I don’t know how.” I’m guilty of it myself! But, we are no longer in college, our bosses are not there to spoon feed us or show us how to do everything step by step. Take initiative and learn.

This list may sound a little harsh, but showing up on time, working hard and having a great attitude will get you far in your career and life.

One thought on “Open Letter to My Future Employees

  1. Seems reasonable… I think this all the time, when working alongside a variety of personality types at work. I honestly think sometimes that the people that act negatively at work, would never describe themselves as this person, and most of them would have difficulty with the negative criticism. Good luck on your way to the top!!:)

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