Day In the Life of a Milso

I would say that most of the time, being in a military relationship is really no different than anyone else in a monogamous relationship. We go out, fight, make-up and live our lives just like everyone else.

But, things change a little when they go on deployments. Clayton is currently away in the Bahamas for two weeks. I told myself when he left two weeks was no big deal. Boy, was I wrong. When your significant other is completely out of reach and you are in a state far away from your hometown,things can get pretty hard.

I was not prepared for the wave of emotions I would experience with him being gone. I’ve never been the type to cry, but now I’ve found myself having to leave public places because I start crying! WTH?!

There are two ways I can deal with the time spent apart. One is humor-you have to find funny things in every day life to get you through the long days apart. My other coping mechanism is blogging/communicating.

I have to put a disclaimer on this blog: Most of the time, I try and not judge people I really like to be gracious and open minded. But, like I said deployments mess with your head sometimes.

That said, nothing seems to bug me more than overly touchy feely couples in public! And yesterday I could not escape them. Watch the link below to hear more:

Ok, I get it your one of the few females who found a male willing to pay for you to get your nails done. Great. No body else cares, especially when you refer to the man as your sugar daddy. EHH!

And lastly, holding hands while getting a pedicure together is not cute. It’s cute to hold hands while walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant. But, while you’re getting a pedicure! Pretty sure neither of you is going anywhere!

Anyways, if you watched my video and read this blog, thank you! I am in a very interesting and challenging time in my life right now. Deployments may be hard, but I wouldn’t trade my life or experiences for anything.

If you like what you read, stay tune for more. I’m gonna try and post some more things Milso’s go through during deployments!

The support of my blog readers and followers means the world to me!

Thanks for reading!

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