I’m Dying My Hair Purple

Yesterday, I went to see the movie, The Other Woman. I was in the theater when my phone started to light up. I quickly found the exit sign and left. Clayton was calling me.

If you are in a military relationship you understand the importance of always having your phone near you. Heck, I even keep the phone with me while I’m in the bathroom. (Don’t judge! You never know when they are going to call, and they ALWAYS seem to call at the most inconvenient times.)

Anyways, I hadn’t talked to Clayton in a few days and was excited to finally hear from him.

Clayton is on a mini deployment (not sure what the right term is for what he was doing, but I call it a mini deployment) for two weeks. He was supposed to be home yesterday. But, because of complications with the plane bringing him home, I quickly learned he wouldn’t be home until today.

Roller Coaster:

When I found out he wouldn’t be making it home, I was faced with a few options.

1. I could cry profusely.

2. I could keep working like normal, and pretend nothing happened.

3. I could exercise. (def, didn’t happen.)

4. I could drink.

5. I could dye my hair and get bangs.

6. I could see a terrible chick flick to make me feel better.

I decided to do numbers 5 and 6. I’m not sure why girls feel the need to change their hair when things go wrong, but I did walk out of that salon feeling a lot better.

These are my new bangs, and my, “Would the Navy please return my boyfriend?” face.

Coming Home:

So, let’s fast forward to today. I was on Facebook, and saw a post from one of Clayton’s buddies about there being a storm in the Bahamas that would keep them from coming home. Again, I am faced with choices on how to react.

My first reaction is writing this blog, and then later today heading over to a dear friends house to make rice crispies.

This is my awesome friend Whitney, who is letting me crash at her place!
This is my awesome friend Whitney, who is letting me crash at her place!

What I really feel like doing is, crying/screaming/swearing/acting crazy. But, ya know what does that really do? I could go change my hair again?! Hmm…purple highlights anyone?

But, please dear Navy, bring my boyfriend home before I do anything drastic with my hair…..

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