Welcome to my blog!I’m so glad you decided to stop by! I started this blog because of my love to write and communicate with people.

Being a twenty-something can be difficult at times. There are many life changing decisions to be made. I decided to record the ups and downs of being a twenty-something in this blog. I cover a wide range of topics.

I encourage you to skim through my posts and find topics that interest you. I also throughly enjoy getting feedback and comments from my readers, so please leave comments and questions underneath any of the posts you read!

My blog is not limited to twenty-somethings. Every adult has been in their 20’s at some point. So, if you are no longer in your 20’s still feel free to comment and provide advice for those of us who are. And if you are not yet 20,read the blog to see what your future holds!

I love love hearing from my readers, so if you would like to contact me, e-mail me at cgraw12@gmail.com or contact me via twitter at cgraw44!

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Being a twentysomethign can be so challenging! Happy to have come across your blog, looking forward to reading more from you. I’ve themed my blog around the same premise if you’re interested in looking, as I’m sure you can relate 🙂

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